The Western Reflector


The Western Reflector is a IRLP Reflector with ten channels ( 9250 through 9259). The Western Reflector also has channel 9090 through 9099 called the Western Reflector Annex.  It is located in a co-location facility in Las Vegas with very high bandwidth, much more than a T-1. It provides for multi node connections on each channel as opposed to a single node-to-node connection. The reflector allows for the linking of numerous node together for nets, multi node QSOs, and other special uses. Please contact Kent W7AOR by e-mail,, if you want to add a net or any other significant special events so schedules may be published. Your activity will be assigned to a channel other5 9250. t
The Las Vegas 447.000 (-) PL 123 repeater is normally connected to the Western Reflector Channel 0 (the main channel) as the local open Las Vegas area gateway.

To view real time information showing which nodes are currently connected and using the Western Reflector click Here

Special rules apply to the operation of your node when connected Ref 925X. Please check out the Information at the following link for node owners who wish to connect to the Western Reflector. Also check this information if you have been Blocked from connecting to Ref 925X.
Western Reflector Rules for Node Owners and Users

Channel 0 - 9250
This is the main channel and is open for Calling and QSOs.

The North American Hand-shaker's Net is held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. All ham are welcome.

Channel 1 - 9251 The *WORLD* Echo link Conference is integrated into Channel 1.(9251) full time.

Daily World Wide Friendships nets at 7 am and 5 pm. daily

Guten Tag. Sprechen sie Deutsch ? German Net Tuesday - Friday


Channel 2 - 9252

Home of the  "The Jacaranda Trace Ham Radio Club”, All welcome.

Channel 3 - 9253 Reserved for Clark County Nevada ARES. This channel (9253) is linked full time to the Clark County Nevada ARES Radio System with good county wide coverage. Channel 3, in turn, is cross-linked to Echo link Conference Server *CCNVARES* 420139 . *CCNVARES* has the ability to be linked to channel 7 (*DCF-ARC*) or channel 8 (NV-GATE) for extended coverage and special purpose nets.
Channel 4 - 9254 Hawaii–Pacific Rim Linking, Special Activities and Emergency Services. Various nets and interconnections relating to the Hawaii-Pacific Rim are found on this channel. Guam conducts a wide area net on a weekly basis. IRLP Reflector Channel (9254) is linked to Echo link Conference Server *HI-GATE* 367564 full time to allow groups of IRLP and Echo link nodes to conference with each other. This is useful for Emergency Service Nets and, other wise, for fun QSOs.
Channel 5 - 9255  Reserved for the PAPA System out of Southern California for linking system repeaters and guests. The PAPA System is a community of 300+ radio amateurs enjoying the use of twenty-two (22) inter-linked analog and digital D-Star repeaters in California. See
Channel 6 - 9256 Calling and QSOs. Some ERC use.

Special Activities and nets. Sometimes used by AZ RACES and for other AZ activities.

Kid's Net Sunday 8:15 Pacific. See  web site ttp://lakewashingtonhamclub

Channel 7 - 9257 Emcom Calling and Nets. Channel 7 ( 9257) is linked to Echo link Conference Server *DCF-ARC* (336037) full time. These facilities are available for used before, during, and after disasters. Emcom organizations may use these VoIP channels without special permission. They may be scheduled for regional, national, state and organizational practice net.
  • This channel is used by American Red Cross every Sunday at 6 P.M. local.
  • The Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) VoIP Net follows the Sunday American Red Cross Net .
  • Idaho State ARES conducts a netevery Monday at 7 PM MST.
  • Utah RACES conducts a net every other third Thursday at 8 PM MST.
  • Disaster Communicators Forum
    This forum is for those who recognize the need to share information. including lessons learned, discuss preparedness planning and disaster relief coordination. It is intended that all organizations involved in preparedness and response, including, but not limited to ARC, ARES, RACES, FEMA, Sky warn, Salvation Army, ERC, and Homeland Security will participate in the Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) for the betterment of the whole.
  • American Red Cross Communicators Net
    Provides American Red Cross net information and group communications.
Channel 8 - 9258 Nevada Emcom Calling and Nets. Ref 9258 (Channel 8) is linked to Echo link Conference Server NV-GATE (152566) and thus allows IRLP nodes on Channel 8 to talk to Echo link nodes on NV-GATE.
  • The NV Section ARRL ARES-Skywarn uses this channel for nets. Nevada ARES/Skywarn Net Every Wednesday at 7 PM Pacific Time. This net is for all parties interested in Skywarn activities. Other ARES business may follow Skywarn. All check-ins provide a weather report for practice and are able to check equipment.
  • The Nevada State ARES/RACES Net is every Thursday at 7 PM Pacific time.
  • The Nevada Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) net is Thursdays at 8 PM Pacific time. Visitors are welcome.
Channel 9 - 9259 Reserved for ERC-ECS Nets and ERC-ECS QSOs. This channel is linked to Echo link Conference *ERC-ECS* (328327).
The Western Reflector Owner W7AOR has reflector monitors that have the ability to block and unblock nodes as the means to remove a node causing a problem. It is important to keep the channel free of a problem that may degrade reflector performance. Additional monitors may be added to assure the proper operation of the reflector.

The Most Common Reasons For A Lockout

  • Node is sending pulses to the reflector
  • Node squelch is opening without valid signal (intermod)
  • Communication is one-way
  • Local QSO is in progress without any breaks between transmissions
  • Courtesy Tone is being heard over reflector
  • Hangtime is being sent to reflector
  • Automated repeater ID being sent to reflector
  • Emergency net - Node not in affected area
  • Unauthorized links to the IRLP node
  • Local user connect interfering with a net in progress
  • Prolonged connect to the Reflector without reason or permission
  • Music or other illegal broadcasting
  • Profane or other un-acceptable language
  • QRM: Intentional, malicious interference from someone using your node

What To Do If Your Node Has Been Locked Out

If a node owner is locked out, he(she) receives an e-mail that is automatically generated by the lock out software and is asked to:

1) provide the immediate fix and the long term corrective action (training, a PL or whatever) that will prevent future occurrences of the problem, and then to

2) e-mail the individual who applied the lock out with a copy to and state the immediate and long term corrective action. The node will be un blocked if the response is satisfactory.
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